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Qualitest Welcomes Gibitre to the WorldofTest Group: A Synergy of Quality and Innovation

A Stride Towards Excellence: Qualitest Welcomes Gibitre in a Landmark Collaboration

In a significant development within the realm of Materials Testing Equipment and Advanced Testing Technologies, Qualitest, a prominent North American manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments, has extended a warm welcome to Gibitre, an esteemed Italian leader in manufacturing Testing Equipment for the Rubber and Polymer industries. This collaboration marks a remarkable stride towards enhancing the global industries' access to the highest quality testing solutions. As two key players join forces, the WorldofTest group of companies gains an even stronger foothold in its mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that drive quality assurance and innovation.

Comprehensive Solutions for Elevated Quality

The product lineup is set to include a comprehensive range of equipment, such as handheld and automatic Shore and IRHD Durometers, DIN Abrasion Testers, Rebound Resilience Testers, MDR, ODR, and Mooney Viscometers, as well as Automatic TR and Brittleness Testers, among various others.

Qualitest's reputation as a provider of premier testing instruments finds a perfect complement in Gibitre's position as a world-class leader in Testing Equipment for the Rubber and Polymer sectors. With a shared commitment to excellence, this partnership promises a fusion of expertise, resources, and innovation that will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of materials testing. Drawing from Qualitest's North American base and Gibitre's Italian heritage, this collaboration transcends geographical boundaries, exemplifying the true spirit of global cooperation. Industries worldwide can now look forward to a broader spectrum of top-tier testing solutions that cater to their evolving needs, thereby fostering enhanced product quality, safety, and performance across the board. As Qualitest and Gibitre integrate their strengths under the WorldofTest umbrella, the future of materials testing shines brighter than ever before.