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Qualitest's QualiPol Auto: Enhancing Metallurgical Testing Efficiency in Bahrain-Based Technochem’s Government-affiliated Metallurgical Lab

Qualitest, a global leader in testing technologies, proudly shares the success story of its collaboration with Technochem Trading, situated in Manama, Bahrain. Technochem, a prominent trading company specializing in chemical supplies and analytical instruments, recently sought to optimize its metallurgical testing processes for one of its government clients.

Let's explore how Qualitest's cutting-edge technology and commitment to customer satisfaction helped Technochem Trading overcome its challenges and enhance their metallography processes.

Understanding Technochem Trading's Requirements

Technochem Trading, a sole proprietorship dealing with the supply of chemicals and analytical instruments based in Bahrain, faced challenges in their one of government client metallurgical lab. They were seeking a reliable and efficient solution to improve their polishing and grinding processes.

Technochem required an instrument to provide automatic adjustments of the plates, reproducible results, and offer variable speed and force control. They needed a solution to enhance their testing efficiency and deliver accurate and consistent results.

Qualitest's Solution: Metallography Polisher - QualiPol-Auto

Qualitest addressed Technochem Trading's requirements with Automatic Grinding and Ploishing Machine, the QualiPol Auto-2CT Double Disc—an advanced automatic polishing and grinding machine meticulously tailored for metallurgical testing. This cutting-edge instrument, featuring the latest technological innovations, perfectly aligned with Technochem's requirements.

The QualiPol Auto-2CT Double Disc featured a pneumatic-assisted system and the ability to adjustable piston pressure polishing head for polishing 1-6 specimens independent of each other, providing flexibility, convenience, and ensuring reproducible results. With variable speed control (100-100 RPM) and a high-torque AC motor, the instrument allowed for precise adjustments during the polishing process.

The digital timer and electronic control with an LC display ensured accurate and repeatable results. Additionally, the instrument's interchangeable mould sizes cater to Technochem Trading's metallurgical lab-specific requirements.

Key Features and Benefits Auto Polisher and Grinding Machine (QualiPol Auto-2CT)

Our QualiPol Auto-2CT double disc, automatic grinding and polishing machine, offers several features that set it apart in terms of functionality and usability. These include:

  • Automatic Operation: The "AUTO" designation signifies the machine's automatic adjustments of the plates, streamlining the polishing and grinding processes.

  • Dual-Plate Capability: Accommodating two plates, the QualiPol Auto-2CT enhances efficiency by enabling simultaneous processing of multiple samples, ideal for high-volume testing environments.

  • Touch Screen Interface: The inclusion of a touch screen interface, a special request from the client, enhances user experience and simplifies operation, ensuring precise control over the polishing process.

  • Variable Speed Control: The machine's variable speed control (100-1000 RPM) allows for precise adjustment to achieve the desired polishing results.

  • Reproducible Results: The QualiPol-Auto -2XT Double Disc guarantees reproducible and consistent polishing outcomes, providing Technochem Trading with reliable and accurate results for their metallurgical analyses.

Enhancing Metallography Processes

By implementing Qualitest's Auto Polisher and Grinding Machine (QualiPol Auto-2CT DOuble Disc), One of the Metallurgical Lab in Manama, Bahrain that affiliated with Technochem Trading experienced a significant improvement in their client metallography polishing processes.

The instrument's advanced features and user-friendly design allowed for precise control and reproducible results, ensuring accurate and reliable analyses in their metallurgical lab. Technochem Trading benefited from increased productivity and enhanced efficiency, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.


The collaboration between Qualitest and Technochem Trading highlights the importance of advanced metallography polishing solutions in achieving accurate and reliable results. Qualitest's  Auto Polisher and Grinding Machine provided our customer with a practical, reliable, and efficient instrument that met their specific needs.

This success story further solidifies Qualitest's position as a trusted provider of cutting-edge technology, supporting industries worldwide in their pursuit of excellence and exceptional testing and measurement solutions.

To explore our range of advanced Metallography Grinding & Polishing Machine equipment, please visit here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss with our team, please contact us today.

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